The Do's & Don'ts of Lash Extensions


The Do's! 


Do your research! Always seek out a professionally trained lash stylist. 


Do come to your appointment on time with a clean, make-up free face if possible. This allows for more lash time! 


Do cleanse lashes daily! This is so important for lash health! Eyelashes catch debris and dust from entering into your eyes. If you are not cleansing daily, those debris and bacteria build up on your extensions.


Do brush lashes daily! 

You will receive a lash brush at the end of your appointment. It is important to brush your lashes throughout the day to keep them looking flawless.


Do try to sleep on your back or use a silk pillow case!

Cotton causes friction which can damage your lashes. It is best to try to keep your lashes off the pillow. Stomach sleepers may want to consider purchasing an eye mask specific for lash extensions. 


Do maintain your lashes by getting fills every 2-4 weeks! 

Your lashes follow a natural shedding cycle and will need to be touched up every 2-5 weeks.


The Don'ts


Don't go to an untrained or uncertified eyelash artist.Reputable eyelash training programs provide lash stylists with proper education in the background, history, and chemistry behind lash extensions. You want an artist that knows about the products they are using and how to properly isolate each lash. 


Don't use oil based cleansers , lotions, or makeup products. Oil degrades the adhesive slowly. Your lash stylist should be able to recommend a water based cleanser to keep your lashes clean!


Don't wet your lashes for 24-48 hours after application. This includes avoiding saunas , steam rooms, and spray tans.  Also, after 48 hours avoid letting water from your shower run directly onto your lashes. 


Don't use cotton balls with loose fibres to clean your lashes. They can catch on the extensions. 


Don't perm your lashes. Also do not use a lash curler. 


Don't wear mascara on your extensions ( you won't need it anyway! )


Don't pick, pull , or rub your lashes. This is a hard habit to break but this needs to stop immediately. Not only does rubbing damage your lashes, but the skin around your eyes is very delicate, everyday rubbing can lead to premature wrinkles in the eye area. Eyelashes are the most delicate cycle on the body, so treat them with care. 


Don't freak out when your natural lashes fall out! Just like every other hair on your body, your natural eyelashes go through a shedding cycle. Lashes will fall out, with the extension attached, and a new lash will grow in its place. 


Don't EVER attempt to remove your own lash extensions. This can cause permanent damage to your natural lashes. Fight the urge to jump on your favourite search engine for the latest "DIY eyelash extension removal" (Olive oil will not help you!). The adhesives used for lash extensions are medical grade adhesives and lashes need to be professionally removed.